August 2005

Settling In

The idea of going back to school is settling in. I’ve planned the first week for each of my classes, and I have an idea of where to go from there, so I guess things are good. This is inspite of having 21 more students than I did last year. Class size has increased by about 25% – last year my class were no bigger than 20 students. This year, there are 25 or 26 students in each one of my five classes. Ouch.

MIL is still here – until Thursday. She took the kids and my husband out of town for the weekend, while I stayed here to get some work done. I’m as finished as I can be, so today I’m going shopping by myself. BY MYSELF. Does anyone know how monumental this is? Normally, I have to take at least one of the children with me when I shop, which means I do a lot of internet shopping…….Anyway, today I won’t have to bribe anyone to be good by buying him a cookie, or listen to anyone else complain about how bored she is.


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