Friday, February 17, 2006

Just found this at

And it’s a good thing registering to make a comment takes 24 hours. Otherwise, I would probably waste at least as much time coming up with an angry reply to the ignorant comments about teachers – a reply that would probably only be read once. Maybe.

It’s times like this that makes me wish I could invent an FU key to put at the top of my keyboard. It would come in quite usefully the week before progress reports come out when parents are asking for a pre-progress report progress report. What is the point of a progress report, then, I want to ask. Why shouldn’t I just email you every night before I tuck you in and tell you the wonderful story of how your student is a joy to teach and can I give you a wake up call or breakfast in bed?
An FU key would save all my sarcastic energy for the people who really need it: My OWN two children.

Complaining doesn’t change things. Venting ceases to relieve my frustration. Crying just makes me splotchy. Teaching will never get easier.


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