Friday, May 05, 2006

Things I’m Afraid I Might Actually Say Out Loud“Just shut up and do it.”
“What part of please stop talking confuses you?”
“Read the directions, dumb ass.”
“Bring your own damn pencil”
“The junior slut look really doesn’t work for you, honey.”
“No you CAN’T go to the bathroom right now, dumb ass.”
“It must be time for your meds because you’re really starting to annoy me.”
“Are you this stupid in all your classes or just this one?”
“That’s really not going to get you any dates…. ”
“Get out of my personal space/ away from my desk/ etc. you Cretin ”
“Shut the fuck up already.”
“I’ll return your papers when I’m damn good and ready so stop asking. ”
“If you can’t clean up after yourself, please go back to your monkey cage.”
“It’s like you are a puppy who has to mark his territory by peeing on everything.”
“For God’s sake stop tapping on your desk!”
“There are none so dumb as those that want to be”

“Are you this obnoxious in all your other classes or just in mine?”


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