Friday, May 25, 2007

What Every Thinking Person in the Universe Needs to Know About NCLB

Contemplating my upcoming hiatus from the classroom –

To say that my feelings are mixed about leaving the classroom is an understatement. I LOVE teaching. I love the students (at least most of them) and I love watching them have Aha! moments as they assimilate information. I’m going to miss the energy of the classroom, with all of its unpredictability. I love the literature we study and the way reading makes you human – how it enlarges your soul and increases the heart’s capacity to empathize.I love my colleagues – intelligent, dedicated, capable, funny, gracious, generous, and AMAZINGLY sane. Plus, they understand my twisted sense of humor.

What I don’t love: report cards. Conferences. Grade grubbers. Enabling parents. Hovering parents. Passive Aggressive parents. Parents in Denial. Mean parents. I will not miss staff development. NCLB, PLCs, FQLs, CAI, POS, SOLs, and all the other county effing initiatives. I will not miss the inept and unprofessional division level department coordinator who likes only to hear herself talk, and will not listen to anyone else. Ever.I will not miss the principal, who says things like “the die has been mixed”, and “vice” instead of “versus” (as in the Bears “vice” the Colts). Who openly admits leaving the classroom because “I wasn’t very good at it, so I became an administrator”, and who then treats teachers like they know nothing.

I just posted a response to this blog entry. Ms. Atwood captures my sentiments perfectly. She talks about DIBELS which is explained here and criticized here.

I don’t know how many people read my ramblings and rantings, but something has to be done about NCLB. It’s ruining education. It’s destroying intellectual curiosity and the love of learning. It’s turning good educators into diligent little lemmings who mindlessly follow stupid policies just to keep the peace and their jobs.
You must educate yourselves and speak up.


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