Monday, August 28, 2006

Beginning Again A new school year. Already.
Sort of feels like we’ve come back after a 3 day weekend and started a new school year. What the hell happened to “See you in September!” ?

This year, I have 103 students instead of 130. Something is different this year with this crop of freshmen. Not sure what it is, really. They’re quieter for one thing – maybe it’s just that they’re still scared of me.

I saw a piece on MSNBC about Teach for America, and the cute little teacher from UVa who is giving the teaching profession a shot. She said that teaching is not what it seems like from a student’s point of view. Or even a parent’s. There is more to being a teacher than meets the eye, and I don’t know how to get people to realize how much work, heart, and soul goes into this profession.


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