Tuesday, August 09, 2005

I wish there were a pill for this I’m filled with a dull sense of dread that school starts in a week. What the hell happened to “See you in September?”Not that starting school in September would do anything besides delay the inevitable. What is it that I dread, exactly?
1. Grading, Planning, and Teaching simultaneously. Each one of those responsibilities could rack up 40 hours a week 50 weeks a year.
2. Being treated like an imbecile by parents who have confused their child with the Hope Diamond
3. Feeling like a fraud. Like I don’t have a clue what the hell I’m doing, and EVERYONE can see what a horrid job I’m doing faking it.
4. Knowing that I’m burned out after only 5 years of teaching
5. Not having enough energy to enjoy the children I brought into the world.


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